Special Announcement from the IAOS President

June 4, 2019

Dear Friends,

I wish to share exciting news!

The Efroymson Family Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), has awarded a grant of $75,000 to the Indiana Landmarks on behalf of The Friends of Camp Chesterfield. This grant will be used to initiate stabilization support for the Sunflower Hotel.

The Efroymson Family Fund, a donor-advised fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation, continues a long legacy of charitable commitment by the Efroymson family in central Indiana. The Efroymson Family Fund was established in 1998 by Dan and Lori Efroymson to promote the viability of communities and has awarded more than $115 million in grants in Central Indiana and beyond. The grant of $75,000 is a wonderful gift which will be used solely for the initial stages of the feasibility study for the Sunflower. Indiana Landmarks will act as the Fiscal Agent for this project.

Briefly, the money will be used to begin to “mothball” the Sunflower according to the recommendations of the feasibility study which the Board authorized in 2018. What does this mean? Simply that steps will be taken to ensure that no further deterioration of the Sunflower will occur until more funds can be obtained.

The firm, S.A. Boyce Corporation, will begin construction initiatives which will begin to stabilize the hotel. A general summary of the work is as follows:

– Trim from the 73 windows of the first floor will be removed and stored to preserve the brickmould trim. A break metal window sill covering will be used to protect the existing windowsill. Painted plywood will be used to cover the exterior windows.

– The second-floor porch will be covered with painted plywood to slow down the deterioration of the exterior porch.

– Roofing will be replaced over the mechanical room in-between the two U-shapes and all damaged or missing shingles will be replaced on the upper roof proper.

– Any animals (raccoons or squirrels) will be trapped and removed from the interior of the hotel.

– A thorough clean-up of the interior (animal waste, plaster and trash) floor surfaces on the first and second floors will complete the initiative.

These steps were considered an immediate need from the feasibility study, and will assist in preventing further deterioration of the hotel. The timeline for beginning the project will be determined in the near future.

The Board of Trustees expresses its deep gratitude to The Efroymson Family Fund for its generous grant which will begin preservation of the Sunflower, one of Camp’s truly historic landmarks.

In addition, The Board of Trustees expresses its deep appreciation and gratitude to the following people:

– Jessie Russett, Director of the Eastern Regional Office for Indiana Landmarks who wrote and applied for the grant.

– Indiana Landmarks who will act as the Fiscal Agent and manage the funds.

– The Friends of Camp Chesterfield Foundation for their efforts to continue the preservation of these historic grounds. Specifically, we wish to thank J.P. Hall, President of FCCF and Suzanne Stanis, Treasurer of FCCF for their invaluable guidance, expertise, and assistance with all grants and projects related to the preservation of Camp.

Camp Chesterfield is blessed to have all these friends who love and support Camp in so many ways!

Rev. Vicki Corkell
President, IAOS
Historic Camp Chesterfield