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❝ Where there is no vision, the people perish ❞ –Proverbs 29:18

From the Dean of Education and the Education Committee

Welcome! You’ve come to the right place to either begin or continue your study of Spiritualism and Metaphysics. Our academic program has been in place since 1943. Over the years, we have enhanced and expanded our course offerings in some areas and have also maintained the traditional and foundational curriculum of Spiritualism.

Whether you are searching for answers, beginning your spiritual journey, studying for spiritual healing or the ministry, or becoming more deeply involved in your pursuit of self-realization, you will find what you’re looking for on our sacred grounds. Our programs are specifically developed for not only beginning students but for the more advanced students as well.

The mission of the Chesterfield Spiritualist College is to ensure our students are offered a focused, well-rounded, and relevant Spiritualist and Metaphysical curriculum and learning opportunities. The Education and Metaphysics Committees continue to work diligently to expand and enhance our academic program to confirm our students are prepared to carry out the expectations and duties of their certifications and Ordination.

Once again this year, in addition to our required classes, we have some thought-provoking electives offered by our outstanding teachers. These elective classes bring a variety of philosophies and concepts on interesting subjects guaranteed to appeal to the most inquisitive minds.

I would like to thank each member of the Education and Metaphysics Committees for their dedication and commitment to the advancement of our academic program.

The members of the Education Committee are:

  • Rev. Lynda Richey, Dean of Education
  • Rev. Jane DeVore, Dean of Students
  • Rev. Wahna Irvine, Director of Healing
  • Rev. Terry Ryan, Director of Mediumship
  • Rev. Vicki Corkell, Director of Metaphysics
  • Rev. Todd J. Leonard
  • Rev. Jeremy Kaylor
  • Susan Wright

The members of the Metaphysics Committee are:

  • Rev. Vicki Corkell, Director of Metaphysics
  • Rev. Normandi Ellis
  • Rev. Nancy Joseph
  • Rev. Sharon Kenton
  • Rev. Terry Ryan

Rev. Lynda Richey
Dean of Education

The goal of the Education Committee is to provide our students with the best academic and practical Spiritualist training available. Sometimes it seems reaching this goal is a challenge because the bar of excellence is set higher and higher each year.

But each year we find ourselves rising to the challenge and reaching our goal because of the commitment and dedication of some amazing educators and administrators. There is, indeed, much to celebrate each year!

As a minister in the Spiritualist church, it is important to perform service to others, not only in our churches but in our communities as well. With that in mind, the addition of performing community service has been added as a requirement for Associate Minister certification and Ordination.

This community service requirement is considered to be practical experience along with the current requisite of serving churches by delivering sermons and giving messages. The Committee and Board of Trustees feels this is a worthwhile and meaningful requirement as we continue to improve our ministerial program and help our students become well-rounded ministers. Information about community service is available upon request and can also be found in our Academic Resource Center (ARC) Course book.

The Education Committee and Academic Resource Center (ARC) staff are looking forward to an energetic year filled with enthusiastic and dedicated students and teachers.

Remember, just as the pursuit of enlightenment can be arduous and serious it can also be fun and exciting!


Dorsch – Kuiper Scholarship

The Dorsch-Kuiper Scholarship made its inaugural appearance in 2011.


This academic scholarship is available to any student who:

  1. Is a member in good standing in the IAOS for at least two years prior to the scholarship application.

  2. Is actively participating in the Ordination program of the Chesterfield Spiritualist College.

  3. Has attained the certification of Associate Minister or have successfully completed five or more classes toward Associate Minister certification through the IAOS.

The Dorsch-Kuiper Scholarship recipient will be the decision of the Education Committee.

One scholarship will be awarded annually.

The maximum scholarship award is $550 per student and must be used within two years of the receipt of the award. This scholarship will be administered as credit for classes; it is not a cash award. The scholarship award will be used only to complete the classes required for Ordination.

The application process is strictly confidential and will include the completion of the application form, a written essay outlining the student’s desire for the scholarship, three personal/professional letters of recommendation and an interview by representatives of the Education Committee.

The Dorsch-Kuiper Scholarship application is available to any qualified student upon electronic or written request to the Dean of Education, Chesterfield Spiritualist College, 50 Lincoln Drive, Chesterfield, IN 46017.

All applications and supporting materials must be received no later than February 28, 2019 to be considered for this scholarship. Any late or incomplete applications will be automatically disqualified.

The Dorsch- Kuiper Scholarship will be awarded on March 15, 2019.


New Student  Scholarship

This scholarship is established to incentivize our members to introduce their friends and family to the Chesterfield Spiritualist College and Camp Chesterfield.

  1. The scholarship will be awarded to a new, first-time student who:

a)  is a first-time student, who has never previously taken classes at Chesterfield Spiritualist College.
b)  advance-registers for classes no later than the deadline for each academic event.
c)  is accompanied to the Chesterfield Spiritualist College by a returning student who is enrolled at the same academic session and who is a member of the IAOS.
d)  is either a member or a non-member of the IAOS at the time of registration.

  1. The new student and returning student must both be enrolled at the same week-long or weekend academic session.
  2. The returning student will be identified on the new student’s registration form and will receive an award for one academic class. 
  3. The scholarship award will be either $55 or $65 depending on the new student’s membership status. 
  4. The scholarship will be used within one year of issuance.


Student Achievement Award


  1. The Student Achievement Award will be awarded at the discretion of the Education Committee based on the student’s demonstrated academic achievement, commitment to spiritualist studies and dedication to mediumship development.
  2. The amount of each scholarship and the number of awards granted each year will be at the discretion of the Education Committee.
  3. This award may be any amount determined by the Education Committee not to exceed a maximum of $200 and used within two years of receipt.
  4. To be considered for this award the student must be a member in good standing of the Indiana Association of Spiritualists for at least one year and have received at least the designation of Spiritual Seeker.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all are welcome. Classes, Workshops and Special Events all require registration. You can view all events in our Calendar and registration forms can be found on the event page or in the Downloads section. Do not be concerned if you see the term “Seminary” next to an event, anyone on a spiritual path of learning may attend those classes as well. Many events allow you to register online too.
The best place to start is to visit our Calendar; there you will find a listing of special weekends, week-long classes as well as Summer Series Workshops and other Special Events. Click on an event and you will be taken to the event page with all the details and registration information. You can also visit our Downloads page for registration forms. You can register for most classes and workshops online.
Mediumship Development Classes are hands on classes taught by Certified Development Teachers with many years of experience. These classes are held in a small group setting. You must contact a Development Teacher of your choosing directly. Go here to view a listing of Mediumship Development Teachers.
You will find all the information related to Church Services by clicking here.