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The Middle Gallery houses an extensive collection of portraits precipitated by the nationally recognized mediums Elizabeth and Mary Bang. The portraits were precipitated in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Many under test conditions in full day light. Additionally in this gallery is found the internationally famous Marion BucknerPond McKenzie’s collection of the Fox Sister artifacts.

Displayed below are items donated to the Hett Art Gallery and Museum Collection

Artist: The Bangs Sisters, Lizzie & MayReference Number: 00309. Subject: Daisy. Description: Daisy is a ministering spirit who was associated with Rev. Dr. T.C.F. Grumbine's mediumship. This precipitated portrait was received through the Bangs Sisters during a private sitting with Rev. Dr. Grumbine. This is an earlier work of the Sisters and was produced in 1893 in Chicago, Illinois. Later that evening during a séance, Daisy appeared and identified herself as the one in the portrait, and explained that the cornet and star on her head designated the sphere of her abode in the spirit world. Donated by Mary Rose Grumbine
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