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Metaphysical Level III

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METAPHYSICAL LEVEL III - Description of Classes

(Classes available to everyone; Completion of all classes Required for Certificate)
Advanced Palmistry*: Palmistry is a study of the ever-changing lines of light on the hand as individuals learn to express the joy of personal illumination and power of the True Self. This class focuses on in-depth understanding of the palm as a map of consciousness and personal growth. Focusing on interpretations and using palm reading as a tool for spiritual counseling and ministry is the goal.*Prerequisite: Palmistry II
Alchemical Thought and Practice*: Alchemy teaches that by combining the four basic qualities of living matter (earth, air, fire and water) in specific ratios, the alchemist can speed up the processes of nature with the goal of perfecting and transforming a substance to its highest potential as a universal medicine, the elixir of life, or the Philosopher’s Stone. It is concerned with purification, transformation and growth. Whether attempting to transform base metal to gold or humanity to its highest state of perfection, alchemy is an ancient transformational art. This class will explore the history and modern-day practice of alchemy. *Prerequisite: Introduction to Hermetic Philosophy, Qabalistic Studies.
Astrology III*: This class involves looking at the astrological chart as a whole including planetary patterns, focal points, eclipses and fixed starts. The class is a more in-depth study of astrology and the spiritual influence and potential indicated by your chart. *Prerequisites: Astrology I and Astrology II.
Dream Work: Learn the basics of maneuvering your dream body through your dreams. Topics include: common dream themes, invoking dreams, recurring dreams, lucid dreaming, the connection between dreams and our physical health, precognition in dreams, and meeting dream guides and loved ones. Experiential work includes dream recall, dream re-entry techniques and keeping a dream journal.
Eastern Mysteries: A look into the mystery traditions of Tibet, Afghanistan, Iran, India and Asia as descending from Egypt. Eastern mystics explore consciousness through meditation, number, symbol, movement and mudra. The course includes a view of the mystical branches of traditional religions, such as Sufi, Bon, Hindu practices and Sikh as well as touch on the Russian mystic Blavatsky (Theosophy) and Guerdjeff (enneagram).
Hermeticism & the Emerald Tablet: .
Numerology III*: This class offers a deeper study of numbers and number symbolism as understood by the ancient metaphysicians to more perfectly perceive ourselves and how to live in harmony with spirit. The student will look inward towards your own perfection and our individual interaction with the God Spark as indicated by your numbers. *Prerequisites: Numerology I and Numerology II.
Plan of the Ascended Masters: This class is a study of the planetary hierarchy under the leadership of the Christ to gain a better understanding of its functions and the spiritual plan including a basic introduction to the seven rays and the teachings of the Tibetan.
Science of the Soul: This class explains the soul as the divine principle of the God spark within. The soul is the true self. Understanding the solar angel, light of the soul, initiations as expansions of consciousness, personal power, freedom as the unlimited radiation of light and practical steps to mastery are the goals of this class.
Western Mysteries*: An essential guide looking at the experiences and discoveries of the mystery tradition and occult from their appearance in the Egyptian and Greco-Roman mystery schools, through the traditions of other schools of metaphysics in the 20th century. The class explores the connections of many spiritual disciplines, beyond the Judeo-Christian religions to the mystery schools of the last century. *Prerequisites: Introduction to Hermetic Philosophy, Symbology: Language of the Universe, Qabalistic Studies, Hermetic Tarot and Ritual Work of the Metaphysician.


(Information for those interested in obtaining Certificate)
  • Indiana Association of Spirituals (IAOS) member in good standing for four (4) years.
  • 50 Credits (10 Spiritual Seeker, 15 Level I, 15 Level II, 10 Level III).
  • Pass a written comprehensive exam covering Level III classes with a minimum score of 85%.
  • Attendance at Metaphysical Development classes: 10 classes with a metaphysical development teacher over a period of 3 week-long seminaries.
  • Completion of a 5,000 – 10,000 word research paper on a metaphysical topic of choice and approved by the Metaphysical Committee.
  • Assist in one after-hours metaphysical ceremony during a week-long seminary.
  • Independently create, design and implement one (1) metaphysical ceremony to be conducted during an after-hours ceremony with approval and oversight of a metaphysical development teacher.
  • At least one (1) full year of ongoing study through Chesterfield Spiritualist College following completion of Level II.
TESTING REQUIREMENTS for METAPHYSICAL LEVEL III  (for those testing for Certificate)

All academic and practical requirements must be completed before Intent to Test is submitted.

Intent to Test and all required documentation must be submitted to the Director of Metaphysics one month prior to the seminary in which the student plans to test.

Pass a comprehensive written exam covering current Level III classes with a minimum score of 85%.

Successfully complete a review of Level III with the Metaphysical Committee.

Certificate of Accomplishment for Level III will be awarded during the consecration ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all are welcome. Classes, Workshops and Special Events all require registration. You can view all events in our Calendar and registration forms can be found on the event page or in the Downloads section. Do not be concerned if you see the term “Seminary” next to an event, anyone on a spiritual path of learning may attend those classes as well. Many events allow you to register on-line too.

The best place to start is to visit our Calendar; there you will find a listing of special weekends, week-long classes as well as Summer Series Workshops and other Special Events. Click on an event and you will be taken to the event page with all the details and registration information. You can also visit our Downloads page for registration forms. Most can register for most classes and workshop on-line.

Mediumship Development Classes are hands on classes taught by Certified Development Teachers with many years of experience. These classes are held in a small group setting. You must contact a Development Teacher of your choosing directly. Go here to view a listing of Mediumship Development Teachers.

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