2022 Workshop Series
In-Person & Online

Online Workshops

Do You Want to Be a Medium?
with Rev. Judy Bywra

Wednesday, August 10th, 7-9pm EDT

This Class/Workshop will give you insights and shared stories and experiences of Mediumship, so you too can learn. Mediumship is constantly evolving as well as how Spirit gives us information validating their existence. We are all constantly learning, and Spirit is also constantly learning. Reverend Judy will share her experiences as a Medium and what she has learned in the hundreds of readings she has given, as well as discussing insights that other Mediums have shared with her and their experiences. She will discuss the importance of keeping an open mind and knowing there are "no coincidences."

Rev. Judy will reference and discuss the teachings in the book by Rose Vanden Eynden called, "So You Want to Be a Medium?" She will talk about "Modern Spiritualism," the acknowledgement of Guides and Guidance, the importance of living in harmony, and the art of listening. There will be a discussion about "The Do's and Don'ts of Sitting and Giving Readings," as well as sample exercises.

Cost is $40.

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In-Person Workshops

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August 13th

Senet: Making Your Way through the Duat
(an Egyptian Underworld Board Game)
9:30a-12:30p & 2:30p - 5:30p EDT

Cost: $70 (by August 6)/$90 (after Aug 6)

With Rev. Normandi Ellis and Karen Klein

Good luck, or a blessing of the gods, was what it took to pass through the 30 day cycle of the senet board, which simultaneously represented the 30 phases or the moon or a more spiritually rigorous trip through the duat, or underworld after death. Learn a bit about how the Egyptians played this game and how it taught the secrets of the next life. Make your own senet board and spend a day steeped in the lore of Egypt.

We will explore our soul’s journey and create our own underworld with a detailed map. We will utilize markers and paint as we create a beautiful game board. The game pieces will be sculpted and serve as our footprints into Duat, the Egyptian underworld. Many tomb paintings portray the player facing an invisible opponent who sits opposite him/her on the other side of the veil separating the realms. Our images may be sparked by our dreams, our sense of adventures and our innermost visions on the hypnagogic highway of our intersecting with spirit.

Workshop meets  in the Art Gallery East.