Join us on Monday nights, twice a month, at 7pm EDT for our Monday Night Zoom Talk.  Monday Night Zoom Talks spark a spiritual interest and engage a curious mind. The various Zoom Talks from outstanding teachers will help you to better understand your spiritual being and the metaphysics of human life.

Each talk will last about 45 minutes and will be followed by a short question and answer period with the presenter.  The cost for the talks are $10/each.  Below is a list of the upcoming talks with registration links.


Rev. Adara Walton

January 24, 2022  

L.I.G.H.T.-Living in Love, Inspiration, Gratitude, Harmony and Thankful!

This talk will focus on each word and what it means but NOT simply a Webster’s Dictionary definition. It will center on what your/my life can be …aspiring to live these words. Also, a question will be posed to participants about feeding the field of consciousness. Last, I will include a reference to my book, Every Body’s Truth-Muscle-Testing For the Masses, to explain a simple process of how to measure your own spiritual Light, correct and increase it then teach someone else the process.
Reverend Adara L. Walton, N.D., PhD, is an ordained minister, Doctor of Naturopathy, Bio-Energy Kinesiologist, Medium, former certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Attractor Field Technique and TTT Practitioner, Heart & Soul Practitioner, Reiki/Amanohuna master Teacher/Practitioner,  Shaman and certified “Energy Healer for Animals.” She has studied & worked with the human energy fields for the past 40 years using Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, color, sound and light in her dynamic healing practice called HeartBridge Wellness, Ll.C.  She is a member of the Indiana Association of Spiritualists.
Educating the client in self-healing is the foundation of her healing practice as the body unlocks its truth. Rev. Dr. Walton is also author of the book, Every Body’s Truth: Muscle Testing for the Masses.  Her private and affordable  spiritual and energy healing practice, open to adults and children, is located in Santa Fe, NM. 
More information can be found on Rev. Dr. Walton’s website at





Rev. Judy Byrwa

February 7, 2022  


In this session Rev. Judy will discuss and share stories and information on the age old question of how do our Loved Ones in Spirit communicate with us other than for us to go and see a medium? As our times and technology change, so does spirit communication. Rev. Judy will discuss various modes of spirit communication, most of which she has experienced, and will review questions regarding this subject.
* How long after our loved ones die or transition will they be able to communicate with us?
* Why do our Loved Ones in Spirit want to communicate with us and why it is so important to us.
* The importance of listening and knowing “there are no coincidences.”
* Various modes of Spirit Communication will be discussed, such as:
Apports (Spirit leaving us coins, stones, feathers, jewelry, etc.)
Butterflies, Birds (especially Cardinals), and Rainbows
Relevance of Songs and Music
Use of Electromagnetic Energy — lights turning on and off, radios or battery operated items turning on and off, voices on cell phones and recording devices.
Dreams and Premonitions
Cloud Formations and Wind Gusts (use of nature)
Messages thru your Computer
Trumpets and Voice Communication in Seances
Tarot Cards, Runes and Pendulums
Spirit Photography and Orbs
Spirit Card Drawings and Precipitated Art (including Flame Messages)
Hearing, Seeing, Sensing, Tasting and Smelling
Intuition and Gut Feelings
Rev. Judy was ordained in the United Metaphysical Churches in Roanoke, Virginia  in October 2017.  At that time she also received her Mediumship Certificate and Healing Practitioner Certificate.  She has been serving on the United Metaphysical Churches Board of Directors since 2018 and also serves on their Education Committee. and was just reelected to another 3-year term.  Rev. Judy is on the Advisory Board at the Chapel of Our Guardian Angels in Petoskey, Michigan and has been serving the Church for the last several years and hosts a monthly Sunday church service.  She has given lectures, classes and workshops on topics such as Mediumship to Orb Workshops.  For over 15 years, Rev.Judy has been  giving readings and messages at several different Spiritualist and/or Metaphysical  Churches, Spiritfests and other venues in both Michigan and Virginia..  For the last few years, Rev. Judy has been teaching seminary classes at the United Metaphysical Churches — both in person and via Zoom.
NOTE:  The subject of Spirit Communication is near and dear to her.  Although being raised Catholic, Judy started her spiritual quest after her dear friend Sally passed away in 1992, asking her to raise her twin 15-year old daughters.  They are now 45!   During this time, Judy began finding dimes — everywhere.  She found over 250 dimes in 11 months.  They were in her bed, in her shoes, in her laundry, in her car, and other odd and strange places.  A friend had made an appointment for her to see a Medium in Arlington, Virginia.  She met with Rev. Reed Brown, who was the President of the United Metaphysical Churches.  He immediately told her, “Sally, Sally, Sally is here and she is leaving you dimes, dimes, dimes, dimes, dimes.”  (Sally was her friend who passed away in 1992 and left Judy her twin daughters to raise). He went on to tell her that they were “apports,” a word she had never heard before. He told her apports are a way for Spirit to leave us something physical to let us know they are around.  That was the beginning of Judy experiencing hundreds and hundreds of apports and other physical phenomena throughout the years, which continues to this day.  Rev. Judy continues to take classes all around the country, in person and via Zoom, including taking classes and lectures at Camp Chesterfield and the United Metaphysical Churches, to better enhance her knowledge and belief.  She feels she will always be a student and a teacher.  Rev. Judy is thrilled to share her stories, experiences and knowledge with all who seek.
Rev. Judy can be reached at 313-424-2430 or




Marcia McMahon

February 21, 2022  

With Love from Diana, Queen of Hearts

Messages from Heaven for a New Age of Peace by Marcia McMahon. Topics include Princess Diana’s Message of peace to world leaders, Her Life and her meaning of her life, the training of her children, William and Harry, Her diplomatic solutions-for peace, and her life in the Afterlife, including her residence, her volunteer work with children, Mother Teresa, Bob Murray, and others. the divine Feminine grounding on our planet now and her work with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. Spirit art of Diana will be shared as well.
Marcia McMahon BA, Ursuline College MA, Case Western Reserve University and The Cleveland Institute of Art Marcia is an accomplished artist and author and has her art in numerous private collections throughout the US, Europe, and Canada. She was named in Who’s Who in America 2002,  2003, 2010, up to 2012 for her accomplishments. Marcia’s older release, Notes from John, Messages from Across the Universe, highlight John L’s messages from the afterlife and his new musical lyrics!  Marcia’s older book titled With Love from Diana, Queen of Hearts, Messages from Heaven for a new Age of Peace highlight messages from Princess Diana. Marcia’s newest release is titled Mary Magdalene Speaks, the Holy grail bloodline and secrets of the Divine feminine! Marcia hosts retreats workshops on the Divine feminine and has an international following for her work .she was most recently heard on, in AU with Barry Eaton.  Reach Marcia at, or 217 823-2871.