Join us every Monday night at 7pm EST for our weekly Zoom Talk.  Monday Night Zoom Talks spark a spiritual interest and engage a curious mind. The various Zoom Talks from outstanding teachers will help you to better understand your spiritual being and the metaphysics of human life.

Each talk will last about 45 minutes and will be followed by a short question and answer period with the presenter.  The cost for the talks are $10/each.  Below is a list of the upcoming talks with registration links.


Suzanne Tempel

March 1, 2021   

  Measuring the Meditative State
with EEG to Progress Spiritually
with Suzanne Tempel

The Buddhist goal of meditation is to progress and reach an awakened state and, ultimately, enlightenment. Meditation is not a relaxation exercise. It might be how most people in the West practice it, but it’s not how it is.  The Meditative state is a particular state of consciousness. Moving forward in this specific manner will help develop your psychic senses, intuition, and mediumship. 

In this talk, Suzanne Tempel will explain what an actual meditative state is and how to detect this with EEG. She will explain how consciousness development works, what the specific steps are towards a meditative state, and how you can determine where you are in your progression. She will also talk about the pitfalls and the misconceptions of meditation. And there will be a live Q&A to ask all the questions you have on this subject. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Suzanne is a researcher, Medium, a SNU certified teacher, and an approved Trainee Tutor at the Arthur Findlay College in England.  She has researched and measured the states of consciousness of hundreds of Mental and Physical Medium worldwide with her EEG.  

Suzanne is co-founder of The Phoenix Fellowship, an international program association on spiritual growth, mediumship, healing, and personal development.  Also, she organizes workshops, lectures, group training, and retreats, and helps participants develop from a normal waking state to a state of Awakened Mind.  Her website is

Roberta Grimes

March 8, 2021   

Our Purpose on Earth with Spirit’s Help
with Roberta Grimes

Roberta Grimes had two spiritually enlightening experiences in childhood that prompted her to spend decades studying and assembling nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent afterlife evidence.  She has a nearly complete picture of what happens at and after so-called death and why we come to earth.

She states that it has taken us a while to understand that we enter our body to experience the negativity around us and defeat the fear it causes.  Overcoming this lower vibration of fear and moving toward the highest vibration of love takes many earth-lifetimes.  Once we reach this conscious vibratory rate of perfect love, we advance to the upper fifth level of the afterlife.  In this spiritual realm, we generally cease incarnating on earth and begin to act as Spirit Guides and work in collectives to assist those on earth in other ways, allowing us to continue our spiritual growth.

Roberta Grimes will talk about our purpose on earth and our Spirit Guides roles to accomplish this.  She and her Spirit Guide, Thomas Jefferson, will share their wonderful insights about this great undertaking in our Monday Zoom Talk.   

Robert Grimes is a graduate of Smith College and Boston University School of Law.  She is a prolific writer and author, has a 7-year-old radio and podcast program, “Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes” on, and her blog is found at

Rev. Wahna Irvine

March 15, 2021   

The Great Mystery: The Alchemy of Qi
with Rev. Wahna Irvine

As we experience the complex age of global unease along with our own personal concerns, Rev. Wahna Irvine offers an opportunity to become “self-centered,” utilizing a profound yet simple breath practice for your personal health and well-being. Discover the “Two Primary Forces” and “Three Treasures” that will assist you in this wellness journey.

Rev. Wahna is a 4th generation Medium and Healer. She is an ordained (2001) Spiritualist Minister through the Indiana Association of Spiritualists and a Resident Staff Medium at Camp Chesterfield. She is Director of Healing and an Instructor for the Chesterfield Spiritualist College. Rev. Wahna offers classes in Spiritual Growth, Mediumship, Trance Development, and Reiki certification. She is a woman of compassion, wisdom, and peace. And a practitioner of positive philosophy, energy, and enthusiasm.

Mary Torrey

March 22, 2021   

 Silver Birch: His Wisdom for Life
with Mary Torrey

“Perfect love casts out fear.  Knowledge dispels fear, for fear is born of ignorance.  Where there is love and trust and knowledge, there fear cannot reign.  An evolved spirit cannot be afraid at any time because he knows that there is no experience that can come to him in any phase of life that he cannot master, for he is the Great Spirit.” ~ Silver Birch

Silver Birch is regarded as one of the greatest spiritual teachers who transmitted teachings about living a spiritual life on earth and the afterlife.  He was a spirit guide who spoke through trance medium Maurice Barbanell (1902 – 1981).  Barbanell was the founder and editor of the Psychic News of London.  He would publish the regular teachings given by Silver Birch in this publication.  Silver Birch’s teachings became popular in the late 1930s and resulted in nine books documenting his communications.

Silver Birch took on a Native American identity, and he said he was only acting as a translator.  “I am but a humble servant,” he said, “an interpreter of those who have sent me to expound forgotten laws that must be revived as part of the new world that is gradually dawning.  Think of me as a mouthpiece.  I represent the voice of the Spirit that seeks to make its presence felt in your world and which is succeeding in increasing measure.”

During this talk, Mary Torrey will share some of Silver Birch’s wisdom and teachings to enhance our lives.

Mary is a certified Spiritual Healer and Spiritualist Medium through the Indiana Association of Spiritualists.  Besides her psychic mother’s training and help in childhood, Mary studied mediumship at Arthur Findlay College in England, de Zwanenhof in the Netherlands, and the Lily Dale Assembly in New York.  Mary loves sharing the joy and wonder of working with the Spirit World.  She teaches heartfelt psychic, mediumship, and spiritual development from her center she started in the Denver, Colorado area in 2010.

Her website is

Wendy Zammit

March 29, 2021   

What Really Happens When We Die
with Wendy Zammit

Wendy Zammit is speaking about what the evidence shows about ten common beliefs about what happens when we die. Wendy and her husband, Victor, wrote a book together, “A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife.” They state that evidence taken from many different areas of credible afterlife investigation is in total agreement. This evidence completely contradicts some of the most commonly held beliefs about the afterlife, including eternal damnation, deathbed repentance, and the last judgment.

Victor and Wendy explain in their book that we put a lot of emphasis on “proving the afterlife” over the last few decades. But what has recently emerged is the shock realization that atheists in the United States make up only some 5 percent of the population. But those with compelling traditional beliefs about punishment, judgment, and the afterlife make up a much greater percentage of those who oppose communication with the afterlife.

Wendy and Victor Zammit believe there is an urgent need to educate the public on what the evidence really shows when we cross over and the implications it has on how we live our lives today.

Wendy Zammit has been researching the evidence for the afterlife with her husband Victor Zammit since 1990. She is the co-authored their book and their free weekly Friday Afterlife Report that is sent to thousands of subscribers worldwide. For many years Victor and Wendy sat in the home circle of physical medium David Thompson, and they experienced more than 100 reunions of materialized spirits with their loved ones. For the last three years, Wendy has been chairing and coordinating weekly zoom groups about the afterlife with a global audience. Their website is where you can also sign up for their weekly Friday Afterlife Report.