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Rev. Merriam Joan Handy

November 1, 2021   

ZERO POINT GOD LIGHT IMMERSION:  The simple tool to Align with Divine on a daily basis.
with Rev. Merriam Joan Handy

As Divine beings in this present moment, our greatest achievement is to be One with Creator in a State of Higher Awareness known as Christ Consciousness, and with all of life’s chaos going on, this is our greatest challenge and a “Must Do” item on our daily list of survival chores.  This 45 minute talk followed by QandA, is a tried and true tool to accomplish this.  Initially, the process can take about 30 minutes, but with practice, can be streamlined down to about 3 minutes, to easily fit into your busy life schedule.
There are five sections of the process: 

  • The Six Points of Silence, Stillness, and Serenity.
  • The I AM Zero Point and creation of your Crystal Palace of Light.
  • The Welcoming and Greeting of your Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Cosmic Beings.
  • The Immersion into the God Light for healing and transcendence into your Christed Self.
  • The return of your attention to the here and now, fully Aligned with Divine.

By learning and making this tool a habit, like brushing your teeth, the student and Spiritual Seeker can feel a sense of God Power within themselves and maintain their balance at all times, no matter what life throws at them.  And from this Alignment, good thoughts, words, and intentions can ripple out into the planet to raise up others into Light and Love, removing any sense of helplessness as it gives the student a sense of strength and purpose while helping humanity.

Rev. Merriam Joan Handy (humorously referred to as Merry-I-AM), in 1993, became a fully ordained Minister and Teacher of Higher Spiritualism, the Great Ascended Masters, and Cosmic Higher Conscious Beings. Channeled entities refer to her as Lady Master Merriam: A Master Teacher for Evolving Masters.

Rev. Merriam graduated from a three-year training program at the Spiritualist Church known as Fellowships of the Spirit and their School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, NY. which provided Merriam with a very broad spectrum of Spiritual and Metaphysical understandings and how to apply them in daily life.

In 1997, Rev. Merriam was voted Teacher of the Year at SUNY Broome Community College after providing over 20 Metaphysical/Spiritual classes during a 12-year period. Rev. Merriam later studied in the Mystery School of the Aquarian Foundation, under Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart, for 15 years, and was designated by the Ascended Masters as a Master Medium, a Master Healer, A Master Past Life Regressionist and even a Master Spiritual Cook.

Today, her degrees include a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Metaphysics, and as Rev. Merriam describes it, a “been there, done that, worn that T-Shirt Doctorate of Life Degree.”  She is certified as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, and is trained in Pastoral Psychology regarding relationships, marriages, grief, stress, and conflict counseling.  Additionally, Rev. Merriam is a previous magazine columnist, Toastmaster Area winner, and certified in Neurolinguistics Programming and Other Than Conscious Communication through Dr. David Dobson, the protégé of Milton Erikson.

Rev. Merriam is now available as a Personal Cosmic Coach and Spiritual Teacher to clear your negative memories and energies and develop your inherent Divine gifts of mediumship and healing to use for yourself or to share with others. Her famous five-part course (previously 3 parts) called “Clearing the Crap” is highly effective to help students release all fears from past, ancestors, current life and present moments, which allows the student to be able to respond rather than react, and thus Align with Divine and their Creator and Higher Conscious Self on a daily basis.

New information, teachings, and presentations are continuously being downloaded from the Ascended Masters and Divine Beings, which means, whatever Rev. Merriam shares, is current and State of the Art on Ascension and all related subjects. In addition, Rev. Merriam is a constant student, doing research, attending events, and gathering important and pertinent information from books, videos, and other sources.

Awake to dream no more. We are the Ones we have been waiting for. The Golden Age is upon us and within us and we are already Masters.