Join us every Monday night at 7pm EDT for our weekly Zoom Talk.  Monday Night Zoom Talks spark a spiritual interest and engage a curious mind. The various Zoom Talks from outstanding teachers will help you to better understand your spiritual being and the metaphysics of human life.

Each talk will last about 45 minutes and will be followed by a short question and answer period with the presenter.  The cost for the talks are $10/each.  Below is a list of the upcoming talks with registration links.


Dara Bermick

August 2, 2021   

Conscious Phase of Mine
with Dara Bermick

Consciousness is what we use to be aware of what is going on in our mind as well as what is going on in the world around us.

Join speaker Dara Bermick CCS, for a Metaphysical talk on our Conscious Phase of Mine, She will guide you on the abilities it takes to make a decision. you can change your belief system and raise your conscious.

Dara Bermick has studied Metaphysics for over 45 years. She teaches Metaphysical class at her local Unity Center and other groups. She is also a Prayer Chaplain Trainer and has studied under author and teacher Linda-Marting Whitset (Divine Audacity) She has also taken classes with Paul Hasselbeck author of Heart Centered Metaphysics and Power Up. Dara is also completing Ministerial Courses at UWSI and has an Associate’s Degree in Business.

Chris Campbell

August 9, 2021   

Tai Ji ☯︎Health & Wellness Exercise Therapy
with Chris Campbell

A fun and relaxing exercise incorporating the beautiful flow of taiji form with the inner workings of energy movement with the foundation of qigong and chan(meditation).  No experience necessary, you will learn a few signature moves of taiji & qigong that will energize while they relax you.

Chris Campbell, M.T.J.E.T. and Time for Tai Ji has been sharing the healing art and exercise of taiji and related practices of qigong and chan (meditation) to community for about 25 years.  From student physical & philosophical education classes to Senior health, wellness & balance plans, from working with Doctors and hospitals to homeless shelters, from employee wellness programs to workshops at retreats, spa’s & resorts, from free classes at local parks to teacher certification school for individuals.  He has taught over 15,000 classes in his career and the message to all is that we are connected and an integral part of a healing and renewable source of energy; – 氣, qi,  prana, ki, great spirit, holy spirit, the force, etc…

Chris Campbell shows you how to increase awareness & connection to source with the philosophy & practice of taiji, qigong and chan in a healing exercise system called ☯︎Health & Wellness Exercise TherapyTM.  Through practice you will learn how to strengthen your immune system, improve your physical and mental balance while releasing unhealthy stress & anxiety.

Time for Tai Ji with Chris Campbell Email:
Chris offers private and group Zoom classes and teacher certification. Check out website for details.