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The Hett Art Gallery and Museum was dedicated in 1954. Its mission is the preservation and display of art and artifacts of the Modern Spiritualist Movement. Open to all visitors at the Hett Art Gallery and Museum is the Mother Cabrini Meditation Room. The Hett Gallery classrooms are utilized for lecture series and seminary classes focused on metaphysical and spiritual content. The facility houses in three main galleries the most extensive collection of its kind.

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The Entrance

The East Gallery is devoted to Psychic Art and Inspirational Painting. Featured artists are: Prof. Louis Carracciolo of the Royal Academy of Urbino, Italy and the well known spirit artist, Francis McVey. Show Me More
The Middle Gallery houses an extensive collection of portraits precipitated by the nationally recognized mediums Elizabeth and Mary Bang. The portraits were precipitated in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Many under test conditions in full day light. Additionally in this gallery is found the internationally famous Marion BucknerPond McKenzie's collection of the Fox Sister artifacts. Show Me More
The West Gallery is designated to be the Camp Chesterfield Historic Room. This room contains work of many noted Camp Chesterfield mediums. The gifts of both mental and physical mediumship are spotlighted as well as the history of the Camp. Show Me More



The Hett Art Gallery and Museum at Historic Camp Chesterfield, spiritual and physical home of the Indiana Association of Spiritualists (IAOS) houses more than a century and a quarter of historical documents and photographs related to the movement and religion of Spiritualism, as well as primary documents and artifacts dating back over a century to the original formation of the Indiana Association of Spiritualists (IAOS) in its museum's archives.

Currently, due to the fragile condition of the archives (including handwritten documents dating back to the late 1880s and photographs—some on tin plates) it is not possible to allow researchers or individuals wide access to the archives for fear of damaging or ruining the stored materials.   Eventually, nearly the entire collection will be able available on-line and, in so doing, the collection will include not only the digitization of the materials and artifacts, but also the metadata for photographs, oral histories, hotel logs, paintings and murals.

This is an ongoing project that regularly adds materials and artifacts to the digitized collection.  Please feel free to access and peruse the collection anytime.

This digitization project is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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