Chesterfield Spiritualist College

Education Information


Chesterfield Spiritualist College offers a variety of spiritual education programs which are continuing to evolve and expand.  The recent addition of Distance Learning has brought about a lot of change and we will continue to grow and develop as we move forward.     

The education committee is dedicated to continually evaluating and improving program content and processes based on the following current goals:

    1. Provide the highest quality classes, programs, and instructors..
    2. Work closely with students to ensure they achieve their educational goals.
    3. Provide teachers with professional development opportunities and resources.
    4. Utilize technology to expand and enrich the quality of our offerings.
    5. Grow our student community.
    6. Structure the education committee and staff in a way that best supports our programs and ongoing growth.
    7. Continue to develop both in-person and online educational opportunities.

The Education Committee members are:

Rev. Michael Schlotterbeck, Director of Education
Rev. Normandi Ellis, Director of Metaphysics
Rev. Mary Beth Hattaway, Director of Healing
Rev. Glenda Cadarette, Student Advisor
Rev. Michelle Oyler, Student Advisor
Rev. Jane DeVore, Resident Member
Rev. Susan Wright, Member-at-Large

We now have Student Advisors who will work directly with students to answer questions and guide them through the academic programs.  The Student Advisors are not meant to replace the Development Teachers or the Mentors, but rather they are meant to provide additional academic guidance and support.

Our Student Advisors are here to answer your questions, provide program information, and advise you on your path at Chesterfield Spiritualist College.  If you want to contact our Student Advisors you can do so at

You can now request your transcript online.  If you would like to order a copy of your academic transcript you may do so HERE.  The cost for the transcript is $10.

Chesterfield Spiritualist College has always provided strong spiritual education programs and will continue to do so.  We are excited for the opportunities that the future will bring and look forward to creating a fulfilling educational experience for our students.