About the Bootcamp

Tools such as Tarot, Flames, Runes, etc., can be a powerful addition to mediumship readings. With this in mind, we have created a powerful weekend for you to explore how to incorporate tools with your mediumship.  

Whether you are just beginning to warm-up your mediumship muscles or want to hone and refine them, we have gathered some outstanding teachers to lead you through important development exercises.

We created a supportive, rich, and safe learning environment for you with three online classes and 2 teachers co-teaching each class.  Each class is 3-hours long and covers a foundational aspect of work with tools.  There is a graceful flow and movement from one class to the next.


Build Your Core with Tools - Sat, 9:30-12:30pm EST via Zoom

Instructors: Rev. Terry Ryan & Rev. Michael Schlotterbeck

Divination tools, such as tarot cards, rune stones, and other methodologies can be a powerful addition to your mediumship. In this session, we will explore how to incorporate tools into your readings, examine different types of tools, and delve into how to work with symbolism. This workshop will give you the building blocks to begin your work with divination tools.

We've Got Your Number, Hit the Deck - Sat, 1:30-4:30pm EST via Zoom

Instructors: Rev. Sharon Kenton & Rev. Michael Schlotterbeck

We've Got Your Number: Numerology has been used as a divination tool for centuries. In this session, we will explore the meanings of the numbers and how to incorporate them in your readings. Join us and learn more about the numbers in your life and your clients.

Hit the Deck: Oracle & Tarot cards are powerful tools that can enrich your readings. In this session, we will review different ways to use and interpret the cards in your practice.

Earn Your Burn, Pump the Petals - Sun, 1:30-4:30pm EST via Zoom

Instructors: Rev. Charles Klepadlo & Rev. Elizabeth Brown

Earn Your Burn: Flame Messages AKA Smoke Billets is a quick and easy way to receive a message from Spirit. In this experiential bootcamp we will talk about what a flame message is and how smoke/soot is used by Spirit to create symbols, images, and pictures. Come ready to Earn Your Burn and light up a new tool that can be used in your Mediumistic Toolbox.

Pump the Petals: Flower Messages – Every flower has a unique color and shape by which Spirit can use to provide a message. In this experiential workshop we will look at the different components of a flower and interpret the different ways spirit can use it to communicate. Be open and ready to Pump the Petals in this fascinating bootcamp and allow spirit to bring a little flower power to your life.

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About the Instructors

Rev. Elizabeth Brown was ordained on April 25, 2009 from the Indiana Association of Spiritualists and is a certified Medium. She has pursued her Mediumship studies there and has spoken at many Spiritualist Churches in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.  Elizabeth loves working with flowers along with her Mediumship and uses them in her flower readings.  Elizabeth also does Spirit Art, Workshops, Mediumship Development Classes, Speaking engagements and Spiritual Counseling.   Elizabeth continues to work on her mental and physical Mediumship abilities, through public demonstrations of Trance, Galas and Platform Work and is available for readings, parties, and circles.

Rev. Sharon Kenton is an Ordained Spiritualist Minister residing at Camp Chesterfield. Her mission is to help individuals tap into their inherent strength and wealth of personal power by providing information that opens hearts and minds to ever increasing self love and life flow. Basing her classes on Spiritual Law, she adds clarity to life’s questions by teaching about the science and relationship between the seen and the unseen world. Her classes on Spiritual Guidance, Sacred Astrology, Palmistry, and Metaphysics have been developed to uplift, inspire, and encourage.

Rev. Charles Klepadlo is a Spiritualist Minister and resident medium at Camp Chesterfield. Charles has publicly practiced mediumship for over 19 years.  Charles is a certified Spiritualist Medium through the Indiana Association of Spiritualists. He offers private readings, group readings and uses his gifts to serve many churches and organizations throughout the Midwest. He continues to work with his spiritual gifts by doing public demonstrations of Mediumship, Trance, Lectures and teaching classes. He is a strong advocate for Spirit and the Religion of Spiritualism.

Terry Ryan was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan and attended Grand Valley State University. After working in retail for a few years, Terry moved to the Detroit area in 1979. In 1985 he began work at a non-profit organization working in the fight against HIV/AIDS. He retired in January 2021 after 35 years in that field. Terry first came to Camp Chesterfield in 1983, and has owned a house at Camp since that time, while still maintaining a residence in the Detroit area.  He currently is a staff medium and teacher at Camp, and also teaches classes in southeastern Michigan. Terry is a past Trustee, Secretary and Board President of Camp Chesterfield, Indiana Association of Spiritualists.

Rev. Michael Schlotterbeck is a Spiritualist minister, medium, astrologer, tarot card reader, speaker, and teacher. A lifelong spiritual seeker, Michael has spent the most of his adult life exploring various spiritual traditions and going down many spiritual rabbit holes. His current areas of obsession include Predictive Astrology, Natural Law, Symbolism, Tarot, Qabalah, and Evidential Mediumship.