October Metaphysical Weekend

October 1-3, 2021
at Historic Camp Chesterfield

Schedule of Classes

Friday 8pm-10pm & Saturday 8am-10am

Numerology 1 (MP1) with Rev. Sharon Kenton

Angelic Consciousness (MP3) with Rev. Normandi Ellis

Saturday 10am-12pm & Saturday 2:30pm-4:30pm

Fundamentals of Metaphysics (MP1) with Rev. Joanie Castle-Elmore

Basic Tarot (MP1) with Rev. Michael Schlotterbeck

Qabalistic Studies (MP2) with Rev. Sharon Kenton

Saturday 4:30pm-6:30pm & Sunday 9:00am-11am

Astrology 1 (MP1) with Rev. Michael Schlotterbeck

Dream Work (MP3) with Rev. Normandi Ellis

Holy Smoke (E) with Rev. Glenda Cadarette

~~Classroom locations will be posted on the doors of the public buildings on Friday, October 1st

Tuition, Fees, & Vouchers for In Person Classes

Class fee for an IAOS Member:  $55.00 per class
Class fee for a Non-IAOS Member: $65.00 per class

Registration fee: $10.00 per seminary

For in-person classes, online registration will end after the close of walk-in registration.

Late Registration: $25 (after close of walk-in registration).

Advance Registration**
Discount: $5.00 per class and $10 Registration fee is waived.

**For Advance Registration Discount, Registration form and tuition payment in full must be received in the Administration Office no later than Saturday, September 18th. Available to members and non-members.

Vouchers for a Free Class
Only one (1) voucher may be used per person/per week or weekend.  To register using a voucher, please email the name of the class that you wish to use the voucher for to the admin office at admin@campchesterfield.net.  To avoid the $10 registration fee, please send the email by  Saturday, September 18th.

Please turn in your voucher at walk-in registration.

Walk-in Registration will take place on Friday, October 1st, 5pm-7pm EDT at the Administration Building.